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Outdoor and Environmental Training

Outdoor and Environmental Training

What We Offer

The Outdoor Learning service provides a wide range of national, off the peg and bespoke training courses.These include:

  • OEAP Outdoor Learning Cards full day course. This is particularly useful for staff who want to develop not only the provision of Outdoor and Adventurous Activities but how to apply these to cross-curricular learning and the character curriculum.
  • OEAP Environmental Learning Cards courses from a full day to a twilight session
  • ‘Why indoors?’ A half-day or twilight session on how to apply learning in outdoor settings
  • Using the outdoors to support the Character Curriculum
  • High Quality Outdoor Learning – How do you know you are delivering high quality?

Service staff have made presentations and led outdoor learning sessions at a range of conferences and workshops nationally and are happy to discuss any individual training requirements.

Outdoor Learning Cards Training

For all teachers and leaders with an interest in delivering exciting learning opportunities outside the classroom.The Outdoor Learning Cards have been developed by the Outdoor Education Advisers’ Panel as a resource for teachers and leaders. Participants in this practical one day course will receive the handbook, the pack of 50 resource cards, a CD of supporting materials and training in their use.

The cards can be used with young people of all ages to promote learning across the curriculum and particularly in PSHE, Outdoor and Adventurous Activities, PE and Geography. They are designed to be delivered on school and other sites and in the surrounding environment.

The training will focus on each of the four elements covered by the cards:

  • Orienteering
  • Team Building and Problem Solving
  • Bouldering – Use of low level climbing walls
  • Journeying – Local visits organised by young people

Course Objectives

The course will:

  • Assist teachers and other leaders in improving attainment through the provision of exciting learning opportunities across the curriculum.
  • Provide leaders with ideas and resources.
  • Develop the skills of leaders to deliver safe and exciting adventurous activities.

Environmental Learning Cards Training

These exciting cards have been developed following the successful OEAP Outdoor Learning Cards model.

The 26 Environmental Learning Cards provide teachers, youth workers and outdoor professionals with a series of easy to follow environmental activities that can be undertaken on or close to the school, centre or other setting. Each activity stands alone in its own right, or can be adapted and extended to suit specific needs and learning outcomes.

The Cards are divided into four areas of learning:

  • Awareness and Experience
    These Cards encourage young people to experience the natural environment and to look at some of its component parts using a range of senses.
  • Explore and Understand
    These build on the Awareness and Experience cards to encourage exploration and deeper understanding of the relationships within the natural environment.
  • Sustain and Conserve
    These cards encourage young people to look at their impact on the environment and to develop a sense of stewardship in their long-term relationship with it.
  • Create and Share
    Appreciating our time in the natural environment and expressing how we feel towards the natural environment is the focus of the final set of Cards.

Activities include Plant discovery, Literature in the environment, Measuring trees, Geology and buildings, Solar kettle, Bee friendly, Minibeast models and Fire making.

The Cards have been created by professionals in the field supported by a range of environmental organisations including the Outdoor Education Advisers’ Panel, National Association of Field Study Officers, Field Studies Council, Institute for Outdoor Learning, Nottingham City Council and Countryside Wales. The excellent work undertaken by the John Muir Award is also recognised.

Key points at a glance

  • One card, one activity
  • Handy size
  • Waterproof
  • Practical approach
  • Attractively illustrated with helpful cartoons
  • Handbook with guidance on use

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