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Assessment and Planning

Assessment and Planning Support

Planning and Evaluation Support for PSHE

The PSHE Advisory Team provide frameworks and support to implement PSHE.

Whether you deliver PSHE as a discrete subject, across the curriculum, through Tutor times or in Drop Down Days, we will plan with you to maximise opportunities to build a character and PSHE curriculum and ensure it is fit for purpose. We will ensure it is based on young people’s needs and can be evaluated for effectiveness, measuring key safety, social and emotional skills and the extent to which young people can use them in different contexts.

The DataVibe Baseline, Planning and Evaluation Toolkit

headerlogoAn accurate evidence-base is the surest way to ensure the effectiveness of the programmes you deliver.
D-Vibe offers education professionals a platform to find out what young people know, believe and enact in relation to a range of issues.

Ofsted have made direct reference to inspection on how schools will meet standards for social, moral, spiritual and cultural learning as well as specific safety concerns such as online safety, drugs and alcohol, sexual risk behaviour, social/emotional resilience and life skills. DataVibe gives you the tools to capture a wealth of useful data with young people to contribute in these areas.

We know that building social and emotional resilience and skills is a key part of risk education, so this tool also helps you to identify the learning needs of young people and to gain a clearer picture of their personal skills in a range of contexts so that you can help them be healthy and stay safer.

DataVibe gives you everything you need to collect baseline data with young people, plan smartly from that data and then measure interventions.

Whether you want to make an impact on behaviour and/or learning within your PSHE, Safety or Character curricula, DataVibe gives you plenty of options to choose surveys by single or combined topics and provides filtering of follow up surveys to get focused evidence for your organisation to use. It is simple to set up and use, with clear attractive reports.

Each survey can be set as a prevalence/needs survey and/or a learning survey. So you can plan in bite sized sessions, finding out the key relevant issues for your young people before selecting your curriculum content.

You can set up any individual survey or deliver them in combinations to suit your needs. Choose from social- emotional skills, online safety, drugs and alcohol or sex and relationships to build a bank of data for a class or group over time.

The eNgage Assessment Toolkit

mainheaderlogoeNgage takes the tried and tested assessment tool, which has been part of the core training offer for safeguarding in Nottingham for over 5 years, and reconfigures it as an online web app. With tons of new features, it provides a full-featured, quick ‘First Line’ Assessment, ideal for gathering all the most important safeguarding information on a young person, alongside a range of focused assessment tools that provide young people opportunities to identify concerns in all areas of their life in an intuitive and limitlessly interactive way.

Creating reports, recommended actions and referrals direct to specialist support, right within the application, alongside ongoing check-ins for evaluating the changing picture in the young person’s life. Streamline your worker’s skills and processes using Ngage and you will get so much more than just a brilliant engaging experience for young people – available on all web-connected devices, laptops, tablets and smartphones, you will get a full, multi-agency, collaborative assessment. A secure reporting and referral system across all the services you use, right there within the app, in response to the assessment. CAFs are simplified and thorough and the tools are compatible for supporting wide range existing statutory assessment frameworks and schedules.

This CAF-compliant generic risk behaviour and safeguarding assessment covers key questions in all areas.

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