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dvibe-sidebannerDataVibe Baseline, Planning and Assessment Tools –
Measurable Social Learning Around Risk Behaviour

  • Would you like a tool that tells you what young people need to learn and then evaluates their success?
  • Would you like to be able to identify and evidence the risk management skills development of young people at the click of a mouse?
  • DataVibe Drug Survey Tool is a complete data collection, analysis and evaluation tool for drug and alcohol education.

Raise the Standard in Your School

  • Drugs and Alcohol (primary and secondary)
  • Online Safety (primary and secondary)
  • Sex and Relationship Education /Risk behaviour (secondary)
  • Emotional Resilience (primary and secondary)

The DataVibe Toolkit provides:
Optional online action planning and accreditation options for schools developing quality standards.

Compliments the Risk and Resilience Quickbites Programme