The DrugAware Award Programme


Implement the Complete DrugAware School Award Programme in your area

The DrugAware Award  School Programme (Primary and Secondary) offers a complete and proven effective response for tackling drug and alcohol issues in schools.  We are now able to offer the complete DrugAware Programme for you to run your area,providing everything you need to set up and run the DrugAware Award Programmme.  Cost effective, easy to integrate and roll out, all inclusive, managed by you.

This innovative approach provides everything you need to create a robust infrastructure in  schools to implement effective early intervention practice in relation to substances of all kinds and the materials and training have been throughly tested, with mainstream and vulnerable groups of young people in secondary phase schools and learning centre settings.

Your package will include (for each school)

  • Classroom resources, accredited by the PSHE Association, for Primary Phase and Secondary Phase
  • Your own area website with newsletter, subscribe, members area, upload features for local documents etc
  • Three training/consultancy days to use as you wish
  • DataVibe Survey license for every school
  • Discount options on the eNgage App
  • Online audit and action planning portal user account for each school
  • Links to local drug and alcohol young people’s services



What is DrugAware?

DrugAware brings together a multi-component programme to support the school and its community, supplying a suite of tools, support, training and resources to help schools meet the standard in 5 integrated areas:

  • Policy development and implementation
  • Participation of pupils and parents in design of policy and programme
  • Drug education: Needs-based, mainstream and targeted programmes are planned through data collection and baseline using the amazing KS3 and 4 DataVibe online Drug and Alcohol survey
  • Support and early intervention for vulnerable young people, including training to implement and link referral services and reduced rates on training for the Ngage Assessment Toolkit
  • Use of social capital to capture young people’s ideas for positive, young person focused health campaigns. Encouraging young people to take their message out to their peers, parents and community of key, relevant issues.

Resources included for you to implement the programme in your area*:

1. Consultancy and set up of DrugAware in your area

  • 2 days consultancy to scope, set up and implement the DrugAware Scheme in your area, working with designated lead, training for delivery staff to participate in partnership model to deliver the standard
  • Ongoing support across the term of the license (2 years)
  • Free telephone / email support,
  • Reduced rates on further consultancy.
  • Full license to use, promote and administer the DrugAware Award, it’s branding and logo in your areas as an accredited provider. (Licenses include permission to charge schools for the DrugAware service** if you wish)
  • Promotional materials, advertising, press packs and presentation material to engage participants
  • Editable leaflets and plaque artwork (In-Design) to produce local printed branded material and presentation plaques

2. Personalised DrugAware Award website and delivery portal 

  • Own area URL (www.thedrugawareaward/your-area)
  • Create up individual password protected member accounts for each school
  • Add downloadable documents to share with schools via member areas in categories; guidance, training, curriculum, policy, participation and celebration.
  • Portal pre-loaded with downloadable national documents, guidance and all DrugAware process tools and resources towards the award for policy, process, participation, celebration, set up, action planning, auditing, curriculum etc.
  • Add your own news items page / blog facility with RSS feed
  • Central In-site global email and newsletter system linked to DrugAware website subscription service or add your own email lists, to alert members to new items or news.
  • Personalised public access front page (outline of DrugAware) parents and early intervention principles to encourage engagement into scheme.

3. Full multi –user (corporate) license for D-Vibe Online

baseline, planning and evaluation system. Enables you to set action for and evaluate DrugAware programmes in schools: Features include:

  • Own area URL (
  • Individualised questions for your geographical areas (EG drug services, postcode tracking within the tried and tested research model.
  • Facility to create school level user accounts (E.G. for any individual participating primary or secondary school) which allows each school to create up to 15 individually password unique cohort surveys, each with paired follow up surveys for post-testing after lessons.
  • Editable at school and global* level.
  • Reports in easy to read format showing results of survey (with paired follow up when present) at the individual school level but also at the global account level.

Additional global level feature include

  • Edit / block accounts or individual surveys –any school
  • View reports –any school
  • View aggregated reports for all schools, combining all in group
  • Drill down any question data by ethnicity, SEN, vulnerability, gender, postcode, year group etc.
  • Permission to pass on the charge for surveys to schools in your geographical group to recover costs
  • Facility to have local service ‘flash’ screens that are triggered if questions are answered in a way that suggests risk behaviour is present

4. Drug Education Resources: Full Schemes of Work

  • Primary Phase and Secondary Phase – bulk purchase download keys for specified schools included in S/M/L packages
  • Custom written based on survey Data from over 4000 children and young people
  • Teachers and young people involved in development
  • Fully piloted and tested.
  • Lesson plans for each year (up to 6 per year)
  • Full whiteboard-friendly resources
  • Evaluation and planning tools built in
  • Modular secondary units and min-schemes by topic for flexible implementation.
  • Links to D-Vibe tool for planning and scheme evaluation
  • Engaging pupils activities based on real-life experiences at each age/stage
  • Material for vulnerable young people included
  • Material for in-exclusion intervention included
  • Permission to charge for re-sale of download keys

5. Training packages and materials for you to roll out

  • Parents drug awareness session plan and materials
  • Primary and Secondary curriculum training session notes to accompany schemes of work
  • Incident management training materials / package
  • Governor DrugAware Training/Briefing Session

1 review for The DrugAware Award Programme

  1. DrugAware Schools Feedback Group Nottingham

    What Teachers say…

    “DrugAware really helped us sort our approach to drugs, we can be confident in our prospectus that we are doing our very best to make our school safe and effective around this issue”

    “Incredible value, costs less than 1.50 per pupil and covers the whole school – plus it’s a one off fee”

    “The support was well thought out, appropriate and professional”

    “Excellent planning tools and modular drug education resources enabled us to fit the drug education programme easily into our existing frameworks”

    “I found the D-Vibe survey, combined with the resources saved us time and focused our learning – our practice was used as part of our ofsted evidence”

    “we can now measure the effectiveness of drug education with clear evidence of pupil progress when we did the follow up survey – it’s now part of our regular planning and review cycle”

    ” As PSHE head it was a clear simple process to fulfil my responsibilities and to ensure our safeguarding and classroom practice is effective”

    “We now have a robust and effective system for dealing with incidents and concerns around drugs. We are clear and the students are clear. Early intervention means we are seeing a reduction in drug related exclusions”

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