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Ahoy! It’s International Talk Like A Pirate Day!

Avast, Nottingham Landlubbers.
Today, Tuesday 19th September, be International Talk Like A Pirate Day ‘n whilst ye be hoistin’ th’ main sail (‘n havin’ yer literacy ‘n maths lessons in school) why nah give th’ pirate lingo a go, like me – Captain Nottsbeard!
Wit’ today bein’ such an important day in th’ pirate calendar ‘n in an attempt t’ stave off scurvy, we’ve collected our favourite jokes fer all ye mini-mariners out thar.

Q: Why don’t pirates shower before they walk the plank?
A: Because they’ll just wash up on shore later.

Q: Why is pirating so addictive?
A: They say once ye lose yer first hand, ye get hooked!

Q: How do pirates know that they are pirates?
A: They think, therefore they ARRRR!!!!!

Q: What happened when Bluebeard fell overboard in the Red Sea?
A: He got marooned.

Q: How did the pirate get his Jolly Roger so cheaply?
A: He bought it on sail.

Q: What has 8 legs, 8 arms and 8 eyes?
A: 8 pirates.

Q: What do ye call a pirate with two eyes and two legs?
A: A rookie

Q: What did the ocean say to the pirate?
A: Nothing, it just waved.

Q: What’s the difference between a hungry pirate and a drunken pirate?
A: One has a rumbling tummy, and the other’s a tumbling rummy.

Q: What does a Dyslexic Pirate Say?

Q: Why does it take pirates so long to learn the alphabet?
A: Because they can spend years at C.

Q: What lies at the bottom of the ocean and twitches?
A: A nervous wreck.

Q: How much did the pirate pay for his piercings?
A: A buck-an-ear.

Q: How much did the pirate pay for his peg and hook?
A: An arm and a leg.

Q: Where can ye find a pirate who has lost his wooden legs?
A: Right where ye left him.

Q: How do pirates prefer to communicate?
A: Aye to aye!

Q: How do ye turn a pirate furious?
A: Take away the ‘p’.

Q: Why did nobody want to play cards with the pirate?
A: Because he was standing on the deck.

Q: What’s orange and sounds like a parrot?
A: A carrot.

Q: What does a vegan pirate do in jail?
A: Starrrrrve!

Q: What are the 10 letters of the pirate alphabet?
A: I, I, R and the seven C’s


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Nottingham museums for FREE this Saturday with Heritage Open Day!

This weekend is Heritage Open Day, which gives you free entry to loads of brilliant museums and heritage centres across the UK. This includes many places in Nottingham, which, along with Nottingham Mela, is making this weekend one of the most vibrant, diverse and cultural of the year! With this in mind we’ve created a list of some of the places you can go this weekend for free!

The iconic Nottingham Castle, perches above the city on Castle Rock, is free this weekend so you and you family can explore the story of Nottingham in their history galleries, the wonderful artworks in the Long Gallery (hopefully they have their Rosetti on show – we LOVE that painting!) and spend a while wandering the grounds with some of the best views of the city. Plus, there’s tours of the spooky, historic caves! At the bottom of the cliff, Museum of Nottingham Life at Brewhouse Yard is also free and you can experience first-hand a Victorian home in our historic city!

Want to visit Nottingham’s own Hogwarts? Well, Bromley House Library in the Old Market Square with its spiral staircases and leather-bound books is the place for you. You can head into Nottingham’s historic Lace Market for a range of events at Debbie Bryan as part of the Heart of Heritage event happening among the former factories and warehouses of Nottingham’s industrial revolution boom. The nearby Adams Building, another of our lace warehouses, is also open for you to explore.

Into Sneinton and both the William Booth Birthplace Museum and Green’s Windmill and Science Centre are free for you to come and look around. Discover one of the UK’s oldest working mills, the maths genius George Green and the history of the Salvation Army from the home of its founder, William Booth. At Wollaton Hall, alongside the Dinosaurs of China who continue the ROAR-some residency until the end of October, the Nottingham Industrial Museum is also free where you can learn more about Nottingham and its history of steam!

Make the most of this low-cost/no-cost weekend to get learning with your family this Heritage Open Day!

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Free Anti-Bullying Training Oct / Nov

Free opportunity for schools to become a leader in Anti-Bullying practice 

 Do you want your school to lead the way in tackling bullying of children and young people?

 Do you want to evidence effective practice in safeguarding children from bullying to Ofsted?

All Together will help you achieve this. 

Each school can bring up to two staff to the training sessions. One of these places must be a member of your school Senior Leadership Team e.g. Head Teacher, Deputy Heads, SENCos, Anti-Bullying Leads, etc. This is so that we have staff who are able to implement whole school change.

Nottingham Nottinghamshire All Together Schools flyer Autumn – Download PDF

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