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Outdoor Learning

Outdoor Learning

School Visit Planning and Support


As well as being a fun and challenging experience in itself we see outdoor learning as a tool to support the development of an individual in terms of both their academic development and character. The two are interlinked.

Learning outdoors not only provides an environment in which formal learning can be applied in real world settings it can also provide the very experiences and observations that can be taken back into a more formal setting to be analysed and reviewed.

To assist schools, academies and other child settings in the planning and delivery of high quality outdoor learning we provide an Outdoor Learning and Off-site Visit advice and support service. This service provides support to 2 Local Authorities, three Academy chains and a number of individual academies. The service uses the EVOLVE visit planning system to help schools manage their visits and comply with their health and safety responsibilities and duty of care.

We believe that young people should have access to a range of progressive learning experiences that combine to provide learning that they can take into their adult lives. Such experiences begin in early years settings through our support for Forest School development and outdoor physical activity. Supported by our Adventurer Team this moves onto our Key Stage 1 camping experiences at Wollaton Hall and early key stage 2 camping experiences at Newstead Abbey and Nottingham Castle. A wide range of outdoor and adventurous activities are available for Key stage 1 to key stage 4, through our Adventure team and residential experiences for older students are available on our Narrowboats.

The Outdoor Learning service is there to support schools and other youth settings in delivering high quality outdoor learning. The service provides advice and training for staff in making the most of outdoor learning in support of their work with young people. We were involved in the development of both the OEAP Outdoor Learning Cards and the Environmental Learning Cards.

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