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About Nottingham: Robin Hood

Robin Hood, Robin Hood, riding through the glen…

Robin Hood is Nottingham’s legendary outlaw and has had stories told about him for many years. He is still very popular and his adventures have been featured in books, plays, films and cartoons!

There are many variations of his stories. Usually, Robin Hood is an outlaw who lives in Sherwood Forest just north of Nottingham. His enemies are Prince John, who is temporarily on the throne because his brother, King Richard the Lionheart is away in the Middle East fighting in the Crusades, and the corrupt Sheriff of Nottingham, who abuse their powers and take money from the people in harsh taxes. Robin Hood uses his archery skills and his wits to steal the money back, and return it to the poor. Accompanying Robin are his faithful followers, The Merry Men: Little John, Friar Tuck, Will Scarlet, Much the Miller’s Son, Alan a Dale and above all Maid Marian, his true love.

No-one knows for sure whether the legend of Robin Hood was based on a real historical character. It is a subject which is still hotly debated! The real identity of Robin Hood will probably remain as elusive as the legendary outlaw. But one thing is sure: his popularity is as great now as it ever was, and forever linked in our imagination to ancient Sherwood Forest and Nottingham.

Image: “Tim Pollard as Robin Hood” by Tim Pollard is licensed under CC ASA 4.0 I.

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