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Opportunity Notts is LIVE!

Opportunity Notts is a new awards scheme run by SOLAR and one of the core recording tools for the Character Curriculum work we deliver.

DSC_8731Its aim is to challenge children and young people to get active and creative, stay safe and broaden their horizons here in the city of Nottingham where SOLAR is based – however the website is able to be made bespoke for academy chains and other authorities. The scheme encourages primary and secondary school pupils to take part in a range of activities – working towards awards at different levels over the course of their school careers. Opportunity Notts was been successfully piloted in 9 schools in Nottingham and to demonstrated its effectiveness in developing healthy lifestyles and life skills in students, needed in later life, and preparing them for the world of work, beyond school, by engaging in learning through broad, balanced and varied experiences.
Opportunity Notts also joins up learning between school, home and after-school clubs by rewarding all of the activities young people participate in. Activities completed in school and those done with extra-curricular groups, such as uniformed organisations, sports or arts clubs and faith groups, can all be signed off on the scheme’s website. This all comes together to form a record of achievement for each young person with every level seeking to boost attainment, teach useful life skills, and give those taking part a fantastic experience of a wide range of different activities.

As Opportunity Notts, the site allows SOLAR to support schools in the brilliant work they’re already doing with their pupils and ensure that children and young people are getting the full range of educational experiences both in and out of school that makes well-rounded young adults and builds character. Plus, with Opportunity Notts’ bespoke award certificates, we can reward excellence and encourage all those participating to make their mark in their city. Could this be something your area or academy needs?

Visit the Opp Notts Website or Email us