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#FreeFun – Low or No Cost Activities in Nottingham

A week ago we got an email at OppNott Towers from our big boss – he’s a bit like Ms Trunchball in Mathilda without the sense of humour – asking us to write a blog about what you can do any weekend for next to nothing in Nottingham, which got us thinking. So, we made a list, checked it twice and found loads of different things you can try in your spare time! Loads of these are great things for you to do at any age (I’ve been trying quite a few as new year’s resolutions) and can be signed off as OppNotts activities when you’re logged into the site!

– De-clutter: why not sort and sell some old things you might not use again. Stop hoarding and get it on eBay, turning your old things and a bit of time into money!
– Attend free events: Nottingham has loads of events across the city from films in the carparks at the tram stops to celebrations of the Chinese New Year. You can find What’s On here.
– Have a picnic: who doesn’t enjoy having a picnic together? Eating is a great social activity to do with our friends and family, just make sure what you’re eating is healthy – not all crisps, sweets and pop! If the weather’s bad, then why not put a rug down at home and eat away from the table on the floor – or make a fort in the house to have your picnic in?
– Take a hike: this doesn’t have to be something which involves going out into Derbyshire and the Peak District or walking miles and miles – an urban hike can be just as fun! Try using the Walk It app to find new open spaces in your area!
– Go to a park: following on from the hike idea, why not explore your local park? There are loads in Nottingham so there’s sure to be one on your doorstep. Will it be the deer at Wollaton, the tree trail at the Arboretum or the ducks Vernon Park? You can find all of the city’s parks here.
– Go on a bike ride: if you know how to cycle and have a bike then this is a great activity where you can see more of the area you live in and get fitter. There’s loads of info on cycling in the city here. You could always use a City Card Cycle too if you haven’t got a bike!
– Play board/card games: test your skills in a board game or on a round of cards. Can you beat your family and friends? But don’t be a sore loser if you don’t win!
– Read a book: one of my favourites! Books are the doorway to another world and can take us anywhere. With Nottingham now being an official City of Literature, why not celebrate this by doing more reading! Plus, Nottingham’s amazing libraries have all the latest titles and plenty of classics to keep your reading appetite satisfied!
– Make a new recipe: open the cupboard and see what you find – it’s always a great challenge to make a new and delicious recipe whilst using up things from the back of cupboard. Just remember to help with the washing-up!
– Create a piece of art for your home: art doesn’t just have to be paint and brushes – try making a found collage with items from the house like clean food cartons and other things from the recycling, or try a natural one using things found in the garden or your local park.
– Take pictures and sort, print and organise them: borrow an adult’s camera or iPad, or if you’re lucky use your own, and take some snaps. Then print them – this is super easy to do at home if you have a printer or at Boots in town, then display them. Maybe make a montage or album for someone.
– DIY something: help at home, with permission from your parents or carers, and do it yourself by refinishing or painting some furniture, help put together some flat pack or a shelf at home or make some new upholstery such as cushions or curtains. Don’t do this without adult help!
– Visit a free museum: Wollaton Hall museum, Nottingham Contemporary, New Art Exchange in Hyson Green and Green’s Windmill in Sneinton are all free and the Castle has family deal tickets so there’s no excuse not to get to a museum in Nottingham!
– Write something, draw or paint: getting something down on paper can be great fun and it can be anything. Get creative and write a story, a diary entry or a poem or draw or paint a picture. Be sure to share what you’ve created too!
– Explore your library: your library is awesome with books, graphic novels, magazines, CDs, DVDs and local history all at your fingertips! Find your amazing library here – there’ll be one in your area or head into town and use Central Library on the Square.
– Write your goals: making a bucket list (a list of experiences or achievements you hope to have or accomplish during your lifetime) is a super forward-thinking thing to do. Maybe work out what you’ll need to do to get there and what first-steps you can make now.
– Do some gardening at home or for a neighbour: get green-fingered, either in your garden or one that belongs to a friend, relative or neighbour. Tending to the garden, maybe growing fruit or veg from seed, is a brilliant way to explore how we can be more self-sufficient and care for the planet.
– Organise your shelves, cupboards, wardrobe: having a spring sort-out is a fantastic idea – out with the old and, linking back to the first suggestion, you can maybe sell some of the things you don’t need anymore – giving you some cash for new things!

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