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Have a #ROARsome time with the Chinasaurs at Wollaton

The ground-breaking Dinosaurs of China exhibition, which is bringing some of the best-preserved dinosaur fossils in the world to Nottingham this summer, opens tomorrow (July 1). Here are some incredible pictures and video from the press day with Chris Packham.

Chris said, “The way dinosaurs have evolved is truly fascinating and I’m passionate about spreading the message far and wide. Dinosaurs have long been perceived as huge scaly beasts but now we’re finding out that this was only part of the story. This exhibition provides a real once in a lifetime chance to see some of the most exciting dinosaur discoveries in recent years and learn more about how dinosaurs actually looked when they roamed the Earth.”

Opening at Wollaton Hall and Nottingham Lakeside Arts on July 1, Dinosaurs of China is a collaboration between Nottingham City Council and the University of Nottingham who have worked closely with the Institute of Vertebrate Paleontology and Paleoanthropology in Beijing and the Long Hao Institute of Geology and Paleontology Inner Mongolia.

Dr Adam Smith is the exhibition curator and said, “We are extremely excited to be bringing together such an interesting collection of specimens, and delighted that Chris is supporting us.  He shares our enthusiasm and understands the importance of the Dinosaurs of China exhibition.

Several of the fossils on display are globally significant because they show that some dinosaurs had feathers. Many of the species have only been discovered in the past 20 years, and one was named just two years ago, so we really are showing these new discoveries to the world.”

Jason Feehily, Director Knowledge Exchange Asia at the University of Nottingham, said, “We are delighted to have Chris join the Dinosaurs of China team. Chris has an enormous reputation and stature in this area and to have him as a supporter demonstrates both the scientific and cultural importance of the Dinosaurs of China exhibition. I am hugely impressed by Chris’s passion and enthusiasm and we are all really looking forward to working with him over the coming months.”

Taking place from 1st July to 29th October 2017, the exhibition will span two sites – Wollaton Hall in Nottingham and University of Nottingham’s public art centre, Lakeside Arts. Tickets for Wollaton Hall are now on sale. Prices are £7.70 for an adult and £5.50 for a child. There is a family ticket (2 adults and 2 children) for £22.00. Children under five go free and the event welcomes school parties at a reduced price. Entry to Lakeside is free of charge.

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