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Is there something lurking below The City of Caves? It’s the GrumbleGroar!

The brilliant City of Caves has teamed up with Nottingham-based author Rob Hann to create The GrumbleGroar Explorers Tour as an exciting new addition of what you can get up to underneath Broadmarsh this summer!

It’s the first time the City of Caves has worked with an author, like Rob, to deliver a tour but when they read Rob’s book, The GrumbleGroar, which is about a dinosaur-like creature which lives in the many caves beneath Nottingham, it was a perfect fit!

The tour is journey through the historic sandstone caves beneath Nottingham led by an intrepid explorer, which extensive GrumbleGroar experience – so no need to be scared, you’ll be in safe hands as you go in search of the mysterious creature!

Author Rob Hann said: ‘’I’m thrilled that my book has been chosen as the basis for one of the summer tours at the City of Caves this year. It’s a unique family-friendly tale and it will make for a fun tour that includes my GrumbleGroar character, but also incorporates the history that makes the caves so special. I don’t think the City of Caves has ever done this sort of thing before and it’s both a great honour and a fantastic opportunity to adapt my book and bring it to life in this way.’’

The GrumbleGroar Explorers Tour will run at the City of Caves every morning between 10.30 am and 12.30 pm from 23 July – 4 September 2016. For more info and to book, click here.

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