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Primary Parliament & Nottingham’s “A-to-Z of Kind Words”

Tuesday saw the launch of Nottingham’s new Looking After Each Other campaign with the students at Primary Parliament being part of the publication of Nottingham’s “A-to-Z of Kind Words” – a thesaurus’s worth of great words and phrases which you can use every day to say something supportive to your peers, family or even a complete stranger!

That’s what Primary Parliament did. The video below shows pupils from Southglade Primary in Bestwood walking from the Council House to Angel Row Library and giving their Kind Words, written on colourful head speech-bubbles, out to members of the public who they met on the way! Click the link below to see the amazing reactions of total strangers when you say something kind to them!

Kind Words in The Old Market Square

So, why don’t you make someone’s day by saying some Kind Words? For more on Nottingham’s Looking After Each Other campaign, click here for an article from our pals NottsTV.

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