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Nottingham Music Service brings some Christmas cheer to the city

Christmas in the City is Nottingham Music Service’s annual showcase of music from young people across the city who make music through the various bands, orchestras and choirs available both in school and out. Headlined by the fantastic Robin Hood Youth Orchestra, showcasing some of Nottingham’s finest orchestral talent, it’s always a fantastic night of music at each of the concerts they hold: one at Nottingham’s Albert Hall and one at the Royal Concert Hall.

This year, with the launch of Nottingham Music Service’s If Every Child Could charity single (still available for download here: iTunesGoogle Play or Amazon), the audience were treated to live performances of the song and able to sing along using the overhead projector song-sheet!

At OppNotts, we were lucky enough to work with Nottingham Music Service and get behind the scenes access to what they did in the run up to the concert – sound checking, rehearsing and moving lots and lots of chairs! We were really impressed by all the talent on display, especially the 4 sing city winners: Simran Johal, Kelsey Shaw, Ellie Stainsby-Grenville and Matthew Baggaley – who all performed solo! – and the massed primary school choirs, who came together, from schools across Nottingham, to sing with each other. It was brilliant to see the progression children can make in their music-making journey too: from area band, to intermediate orchestra to RHYO and beyond. There were also technical, as well as musical, innovations this year, with a sea of lights waved by the choirs during RHYO’s playing of Victor Hely-Hutchinson’s Carol Symphony.

If you’re interested in learning more about playing a musical instrument or singing in a choir, please take a look at Nottingham Music Service’s website here.

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